Beyond Heaven By Abhirup Roy

Beyond Heaven By Abhirup Roy


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Beyond Heaven is a PDF and video project on series of effects which relates to the plots of Saint and Sinner divination form photos (Close up version) and a Living and Dead Test which is suitable for stage, parlor and close-up acts.

Effect 1 (Basic effect Outline)

Living and Dead Test: stage, Parlor and close-up version
Even before the show starts you hand your spectator a picture in a photo frame which is one half of a complete photo and an old newspaper article, which acts as a prediction
Then you hand the other spectator a stack of photos which are torn in half, and the spectator is asked to deal the photos on table and based on his / her intuition and they are to stop at any photo which in turn is the match for the prediction which can be later confirmed form a newspaper article.
• Multiple methods taught for this.
• Impromptu
• Does not include multiple outs
• Customize to your own presentation style
• An added kicker at the end
• Brief Presentation included.
• Prediction can be read even before the effect starts.

Effects 2:

Saint and Sinner Divination:
You hand your spectator a set of 12 old photos and ask them with their intuition, to divide the photos into two piles, after the separation with some theatrical presentation and spectators justifications on – what they felt while separating – you turn back all the pictures and they have been successfully separated in to saints and sinners (which is written at the back of each photos).
• Only 12 cards used
• Anyone can hand the cards for examination.
• Nothing added or taken away
• Completely gimmick -less
• Provides a logical solution to a separation effect

** All Image files and video included**


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